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Family Equipping Fellowship

We all want the best for our kids, right?!

We all want THE perfect parenting strategy, and our quest is usually motivated by good intentions. Unfortunately, after trying the latest, greatest, newest, most up-to-date, contemporary approach, we often find ourselves with bad results after it is too late.

God's word says that "there is NOTHING new under the sun," including parenting approaches. To think that there is some new strategy that our Creator is unaware of is arrogance on our part. Our Father loves children and His plan for them and for us is timeless, wise, and perfect. It is possible to capture your child's heart at an early age, prepare them for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and enjoy them thoroughly, Good intentions are not enough! God's word offers us the BEST approach to parenting and is current and applicable today.

Pastor Dave and his wife, Carrie, teach Biblical principles that apply practically to parenting in the Family Equipping Fellowship Conferences. Check out sessions from the 2020 BBOP Conference below: