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December 12, 2023 Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Revelation 19:11-21

The account of the sixth bowl of judgment in 16:12-16 sets the stage for the great battle of Armageddon, and this week’s passage tells us what will happen on that Day. The kings of the earth and the two beasts in the service of the dragon, Satan, are arrayed against the rider on a white horse, the One called Faithful and True, King of kings and Lord of lords, with eyes like fire and with a sharp sword coming from his mouth. This epic battle of good versus evil would make a terrible movie, though, because it’s a blowout. It starts after the period that ends verse 19 and is over by the beginning of verse 20. The apostle John was told to write what he saw for the instruction of the churches, including us. We need to know that King Jesus wins decisively and completely. What manifestations of evil in our fallen, deceived world have you down today? Lay them before the Lord and acknowledge that He will conquer and judge all evil, including those, in due time.

I am amazed by how God has lined up our study of Revelation with the calendar year. In this last week before special Christmas messages celebrating Jesus' first coming, our Revelation passage describes His second coming. As Pastor Dave noted, there could not be a bigger contrast. The Messiah first came as a helpless and vulnerable baby on a mission of mercy and grace, offering peace with God. The Messiah will come a second time, but in wrath as a mighty warrior, executing judgment. Take time this week to ponder the two very different comings of the same Christ as part of your Advent preparations.

Remember that this week’s passage is prefaced by the “Hallelujah” passage in the first ten verses of Chapter 19, and recall that Hallelujah means Praise the God of Israel. Reread this week’s passage, focusing on ingredients for praise. Read slowly and savor; we should not read God’s Word at the same speed we read the newspaper or a social media feed. One way to slow down is to write out Scripture. Try copying out words and phrases that describe King Jesus in this week’s passage and then, worship.

Calvary Family

Calvary’s children’s choir will be singing in both services on Sunday. Pray that the message of the song they will share penetrates their hearts and remains with them throughout their lives. Pray that they will begin to understand that their purpose in singing is to honor God and point people to Him.

Lift up our Christmas Eve service, praying that we are able to worship with undivided attention and hearts full of awe and joy. Pray for visitors and guests, asking the Lord to help us welcome them warmly and to stir them with His truth.

Lift up Christmas services in churches around the world, even churches that do not faithfully preach the truth of the Bible. May God use the ancient words of Matthew and Luke and theologically rich Christmas carols to proclaim the Savior’s birth to all with ears to hear. Ask a special blessing on Pastor Tomasz Chylka’s church in Pszczyna, Poland, and Jim and Lynette Hatcher’s home church in Vienna, Austria.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert

P.S. The prayer blog will be on a holiday break starting next week. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!