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February 19th Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Genesis 33:1-17
A Kumbaya Moment

Jacob used to be a conniving cheater who bested his brother twice. Now, by word and action, he takes a humble, submissive position with respect to Esau. Esau used to be a bitter man who hated Jacob and wanted to kill him. Now he is a loving brother who runs to Jacob, embraces him, and weeps. God orchestrated great changes in these two long-estranged brothers to bring about reconciliation. Pastor Dave asserted that we all have stories of solutions or successes that were orchestrated by God. Before the Lord, ask yourself: Do I know mine? Do I recognize the hand of God orchestrating events in my life? If so, give Him full credit and thank Him as specifically as you can. If not, ask Him to reveal to you when, where, and how He has been at work.

One of Pastor Dave’s main points was that the heartwarming “kumbaya moment” would not have happened if Jacob had not submitted to God’s plan, even though God had orchestrated great change in Esau. A crucial ingredient was Jacob’s willingness to obey God by returning to his homeland and meeting Esau in humility. If Jacob had let his (well-founded) fears prevent him from obeying God, he would have missed reconciliation with his brother and the demonstration of God’s power and mercy. Before the Lord, ask: What good works of God, what stories of His mercy and power, have I missed in the past because I did not obey Him? This question of what might have been may be impossible to answer. However, we can mourn over and repent of our failure to obey and seek forgiveness.

I liked Pastor Dave’s definition of submission: trusting God’s plan enough to obey Him and leave the results to Him. What is God currently asking you to do that you have not done because you’re trying to be the one to orchestrate a solution or success? Would it be true to say that, deep down, you don’t fully trust God, that you trust your own plan more than His? How terrible that sounds when you say it out loud, and how hard it is to confess! Ask the Lord to give you the faith and humility to simply obey what He is calling you to do.

Calvary Family

Ann Brucks suffered a minor stroke a week ago. Thankfully, it seems to have produced no lasting ill effects. Pray for Ann as she undergoes a series of tests in the next two weeks to investigate the cause of the stroke and as she resists fear and resumes her normal activities. An MRI is scheduled for March 1, which is the Brucks’ 50th wedding anniversary.

Ask the Lord to nudge anyone who has been operating on the fringe of Calvary, not fully engaged with the body, to take the Discover Calvary class that begins next Sunday. Ask Him to use the class to fully answer participants’ questions and concerns and to encourage them toward deeper commitment to the church.

Fifth and sixth graders have been memorizing Psalm 83:18 in DK this month: Let them know that You, whose name is the LORD – that You alone are the Most High over all the earth. They discovered that “them” refers to the enemies of God. We agreed that a good use for this verse is to pray it for people we know who don’t worship and serve the one true God. Who do you know who is an enemy of God? Join our 5th and 6th graders in praying this verse.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea