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Prayer Blog

February 26th Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Genesis 33:18 – 34:31
Turbulence Ahead

Pastor Dave’s sermon was punctuated by an obnoxious buzzer that marked every bad, misguided action in this narrative. The examples of what NOT to do included Dinah seeking out the pagan women of Canaan, Prince Shechem raping Dinah, Jacob passively holding his peace about this terrible offence, and Jacob’s sons using deceit to take revenge. Dave’s main point was that God isn’t afraid to air the dirty laundry of His people, the Israelites. His purpose is to instruct us and give us hope. Dave explored the implications for us today, which suggest some valuable topics for prayer.

God’s willingness to show the failures of His people should encourage us to drop the facades we ourselves erect. Before the Lord, confess what you are hiding from others – what failure or error or sin you have concealed out of shame or embarrassment. Ask Him to help you be humble enough, and strong enough, to be open and transparent about that thing. Ask Him for an opportunity to begin practicing greater transparency – perhaps in your small group meeting this week. Tell God you trust Him to use your dirty laundry to instruct and bring hope to others.

If Calvary is to be a fellowship where we openly share our failures, not just our successes, then we need to be people who don’t judge and condemn others. Before the Lord, ask yourself: How do I respond when I catch wind of someone’s dirty laundry? Do I feel any degree of self-satisfied glee? Do I criticize and jump to conclusions? Even if my ungodly reaction is internal, it may not be as invisible as I think.

Thank God for blessing us, even in our failures; for using us, even though we’re broken people; for redeeming us sinful people. Thank Him for the hope these truths give you.

Calvary Family

Ask the Lord to give us favor in the eyes of the Brea Planning Commission as they meet this evening to decide whether to approve plans for our new worship center.

On Sunday we sang: I’m no longer a slave to fear … I am a child of God. What do you fear? Old age? The death of a loved one? A recurrence of cancer? Job loss? The possibility that an adult child will renounce the Christian faith? Before the Lord, think about how that fear enslaves you. Ask the Lord to free you and to remind you daily that He cares for you and is utterly trustworthy.

Vacation Bible School is four months away, but leaders are already planning how to reach children for Christ June 24-28. Ask the Lord to guide and direct the leaders as they plan so that His priorities are theirs.

Be faithful in lifting up the men of our TLC program. Pray for hearts wholly surrendered to Christ, for victory over addiction, and for progress in developing independent living skills.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea