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February 5 Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Genesis 4:1-26
As Pastor Shannon stressed yesterday, we humans downplay, underestimate, or flat-out fail to recognize sin, especially in ourselves. It is not a pleasant topic, after all. It’s depressing to realize that sin is not just something I do now and then; it’s who I am. Even my “good deeds” can be tainted by sinful motives. (Isaiah 64:6) Before we can appreciate the good news, we need to fully acknowledge the bad news. Spend time before the Lord realizing that, just as Cain’s and Lamech’s lives were saturated with sin, mine is too.
Praise God the He did not leave us hopelessly stuck in sin. He loved His human creatures so much that He provided His own Son to save us from our soul-sickness, our soul-death. Thank God for what He has done for you.
The anger Cain felt at God’s rejection of his offering conceived the desire to do evil and then gave birth to sin. (James 1:14-15) God instructed and warned Cain, to no avail. Pray that the next time emotion tempts you to do wrong, the Lord will open your ears to hear and heed His warning, whether it comes via the Holy Spirit directly, the Bible, or a fellow believer. Pray for clarity about the issue you face: Will I do what’s right or go my own way?
Open yourself to the penetrating questions of God – questions like “Adam, where are you?” and “Where is your brother Abel?” He’s asking, not because He doesn’t know, but rather because He wants us to face truth.
Calvary Family
All of the high school students on our youth group roster are signed up for winter camp at Forest Home next weekend. That level of participation is already a blessing! Pray that every student will feel valued as part of the group. Pray that each one will hear from the Lord and respond to Him. Also lift up the adult leaders, asking God to fill them with energy and with wisdom.
Lift up the Discover Calvary class that begins next Sunday. Ask the Lord to nudge anyone who has stayed on the fringes of our community to participate in the class and move toward full-fledged engagement in the body.
Be praying for Dave Harrison over the next nine weeks as he undergoes radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Pray for strength and well-being for Dave and for his wife, Dianne. Please pray specifically for protection from the flu and other illnesses so common this time of year.
If you have been part of Calvary for a while, you may remember Christina Eads, who was part of Calvary when she worked for Cru (aka Campus Crusade for Christ) at Cal State Fullerton. Christina has been serving with Cru in Tokyo for more than six years now. She is back in the States for several weeks, and I was able to spend a little time with her yesterday. Please pray that the work Christina and her colleagues are doing among college students in Japan will yield fruit in its season for the kingdom and the King.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea