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January 22 Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Genesis 2:4-25
So many people live in despair today, believing their lives are accidental and pointless. Does that describe anyone who is part of your life, even tangentially? Pray that he (or she) will discover that he is made in God’s image, quickened to life by God’s own breath, and infused with dignity and purpose.
God was central to Adam’s work keeping the Garden. Adam worked at God’s command, in His presence, and for His glory. What about your work, whatever it may be? Ask the Lord to show you how to put Him at the center of your work today.
The second chapter of Genesis records the first marriage and God’s plan for marriage. Pray for marriages in our Calvary community. May God give us the ability to do more than grit our teeth and stay together but rather prove that marriage is a good gift, a blessing, from God.
It is appalling that the perfect world God created lasts only two chapters in the Bible – a mere 56 verses or 1429 words. Mourn over the sin that mars our world. One specific sin we American Christians have focused on every January since 1973 is abortion. Lament the deaths of over 59 million unborn babies since abortion became legal that year.
Calvary Family
Lift up the Quinn family as they rely on the Lord through a significant trial. Nearly two months ago, Kevin began suffering severe stomach pain that has kept him from eating normally and has led to weight loss of more than 25 pounds. During this time, he also contracted pneumonia. He is currently unable to work and on disability. Adding to the financial strain, wife Nicole has lost her medical transcription position. Pray for healing for Kevin and for encouragement and strength for the whole family during this time.
Pray for Wanda Clark, who has a wound on her leg that has refused to heal for two months. Ask the Lord to give her doctor wisdom to treat the wound effectively without hospitalization.
At the Vision Celebration last night, Pastor Dave shared bad news: We will need an additional $418,000 to build out our new sanctuary. Our contractor says that the seismic upgrades we are required to make have been complicated by new, stricter building codes. This news is particularly gut-wrenching because we just passed the $2.15 million threshold we thought would allow us to break ground. Dave offered no solutions but asked us to pray, seeking the Lord’s guidance as to what to do, and then listen.
Join our pastors in praying that we, as a church, will be doers of the Word, not hearers only. (James 1:22) Pray too that we will know, understand, live, and share the gospel.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea