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January 8 Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Genesis 1:1-31
In introducing Genesis, Pastor Dave stressed his desire to focus on the things God wants to teach us about Himself and avoid being sidetracked by debates such as evolution vs. creationism. I identified with his concern because my small group is studying Revelation, which also offers lots of opportunities for distracting debates. May the Lord keep us on task and on topic, focused on Him, with ears and hearts open. May He challenge us, week by week, to think more deeply about who He is and what He is like.
Lord, reveal to me times and ways I try to make You in my image, editing and revising You to fit my ideas and desires. Help me acknowledge daily that I am not Your equal; I am a creature, not the Creator.
What issues in your life, or a loved one’s life, are you praying about this week? Consider in prayer how these facts from the first chapter of Genesis impact those issues:

God is eternal and stands outside time.
He created everything that exists from nothing.
He is orderly and purposeful.
He is the provider of everything, including the structure of authority.
Calvary Family
Bob Wickersham’s cancer has recurred and is now in his spine and hip. Radiation treatment begins today. Pray that the treatment will be effective and pray for Bob’s stamina through it. Pray that Bob and Cathy will know the Lord’s presence with them in a powerful way during this time.
We are privileged to be personally connected with Polish believers through Tomasz Chylka’s Free Evangelical Church in Pszczyna. Pray for Bozena, a woman who has recently walked through the “dark valley” of cancer; Marek, a Catholic who thirsts for the Bible; and Patryk, a former addict. Tomasz also asks us to join his church in prayer for several outreach events coming up this winter and spring. Read Tomasz’s full update here.

Lift up Cheryl Sissom’s mother, Esther, who is hospitalized with a bleeding ulcer. Cheryl’s parents currently live independently with no family close by. Pray for wisdom for Cheryl and the rest of the family if this health event precipitates a change in living arrangements.
A mother of three asks us to uphold her in prayer, beseeching God to supply the strength she needs to be a good mom.
Raising children well does, in truth, require help from the Lord. Lift up our Family Equipping Fellowship, which instructs and encourages parents as they seek to be godly stewards of their children. The class begins this Friday evening.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea