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March 19 Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Genesis 11:1-9
Great God = Bad
The people who built the city ultimately called Babel were unified. Pastor Shannon noted that people today similarly hunger for unity and peace but turn to means such as politics in a vain effort to achieve it. He asserted that true, lasting unity among people can be built only with God at the center. Two places we can practice unity before a watching world are in our families and in our church community. Pray that we can demonstrate real, God-centered unity – not just the appearance of unity with conflict swept under the rug – in our homes and our church.
The goal of the builders and innovators of Babel was not to glorify God but rather to make a name for themselves. What are your biggest accomplishments, your “claim to fame”? If you have never done so before, think through all the ways in which God provided what you needed to succeed – talents and abilities, training, perseverance, opportunities. Consciously give Him the credit and glory for your accomplishments. Pastor Shannon challenged us to think about glorifying God in the mundane, everyday things we do too, not just in the big achievements. Try starting each day by telling God you want to glorify Him in everything you do that day and asking Him to show you how.
God clearly instructed Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; they said, “We have a better idea.” God clearly instructed Noah and his descendants to fill the earth; the people of Genesis 11 said, “We have a better idea.” If we are honest, we must admit that we do the same thing when we look for loopholes in God’s commands or plead extenuating circumstances to excuse disobedience. This season of Lent is a reminder to spend time before the Lord meditating on what He did to restore the relationship we broke by our rebellion: The Almighty God stooped down, becoming one of us and suffering a humiliating death on a cross to pay for our sins.
Calvary Family
What a week for our beloved missionaries in Vienna, Lynette and Jim Hatcher! They learned last Tuesday that Lynette had a tumor in her breast, small and slow-growing but malignant. She underwent surgery on Wednesday, with excellent results: the surgeon is “99% sure” that she removed all affected tissue, the lymph nodes were clear, and Lynette was allowed to go home on Thursday. By Friday, Jim was able to write, “Lynette and I were overwhelmed with the outpouring of your love and concern. We can hardly express our gratitude – to you, and most of all to God, who allowed Lynette to catch this early and ordered the details for a quick and effective treatment. Please join us in rejoicing over all God has done this week.”

In his latest update (read it here), Jim also shared serious news of a spiritual attack on their church in Vienna. Hurtful words were spoken by believers to a Muslim refugee from Syria who has been faithfully attending the church and meeting with Jim for many months. Wounded, the man declared he will never, ever attend church again and will stop reading the New Testament. The incident has, in Jim’s words, “taken the lid off” a deeper problem of a lack of love in the church. Please pray for the Kagran church.

VBS worker signups begin next Sunday. Pray for an outpouring of willingness to serve the children of our community through Vacation Bible School.
A sixth-grade boy shared a profound thought with me during Discovery Kids yesterday. He told me that he calls people “human souls.” Lord, when I begin to think of people as obstacles or annoyances, remind me that they are, in fact, human souls.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea