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March 5 Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Genesis 9:1-17
Pastor Dave explained that, even though the “bookends” of this section of Genesis 9 are the command, “Be fruitful and multiply,” the main theme is death. Take time before the Lord to imagine a world without killing – whether man killing beast, beast killing man, or man killing man. That is what Eden was like before Adam and Eve’s sin, and that is what the new earth will be like when Jesus returns. Pray, “Come, Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20)
If you reread the description of God’s covenant with Noah in Genesis 9:8-11, you will not find the word if. God does not say, “Never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of the flood … if you humans behave.” Rather, it is an unconditional covenant that depends only on God’s power and faithfulness, not on human performance. Similarly, the new covenant in Jesus’ blood is unconditional and is not voided when we fail. Thank God that His crucial promises do not depend on us – weak, finite, sinful creatures that we are!
Pastor Dave noted that the rainbow, the sign of God’s covenant with Noah and his descendants, has been hijacked by the LGBT movement. For many in our culture, the rainbow is not a symbol of God’s love and concern for His creation but rather of lifestyles God calls sinful. Pray for those blinded by an alphabet soup of sexual immorality and gender confusion. Pray that some, at least, will discover the true God of the rainbow.
If you attended the congregational meeting yesterday, you heard about the proposal to build a new worship center in a structurally separate building instead of modifying our existing building and the possibility of a short-term bridge loan to get started. Continue to ask the Lord to guide our leadership as they consider these options and make decisions.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea

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