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May 14th Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Genesis 42:1-38
The Good of Sin Being Exposed

In this passage, God is beginning to expose the decades-old sin of Joseph’s brothers. It is certainly an uncomfortable process for them. Before the Lord, let’s admit that, like the brothers, we dread the prospect of our sin being exposed. Our hearts sink too in distress. Let’s admit that, too often, we are willing to hold on to sin rather than bear the discomfort, embarrassment, and consequences of its exposure.

Pastor Shannon noted that this passage is a God-given opportunity to speak His truth about lying: Lying is sin. To lie is to align oneself with the devil, the father of lies, instead of the God of truth. I may object to that, arguing that I have never told a lie of the same magnitude as the brothers’ lie. My lies are “little white lies,” harmless lies to smooth the way. Or, my lies are lies of omission, simply a failure to volunteer deep, dark truths about myself that I consider nobody’s business. Ask the Holy Spirit to shine His bright light on your life. How highly do I value truth? How, why, and to whom do I lie?

Rejoice in the fact that, although exposure of our sin doesn’t feel good, it is actually a good gift from God. It is one way He does His good work in our lives. Whenever God exposes sin in our lives – whatever it is – we can run to Him with it. We cringe at our mess; He does not. He reaches out His hand and offers real forgiveness through the gospel.

Calvary Family

Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June make me think about children in foster care, children who don’t even have “good enough” parents, let alone excellent parents. Based on my experience with the foster care system as a volunteer, it appears that the most common root cause of child abandonment, neglect, or endangerment is parental drug or alcohol abuse. Beseech the Lord to heal our nation of this scourge.

In Jim Hatcher’s most recent letter, he talks about a birthday party he recently attended, a “fantastic opportunity to intersect with the lost,” as he describes it. Jim writes, “I spent most of my time in conversation with A--, who thought South American shamanism was superior to Biblical faith. We talked about many things, but mostly about the Bible and faith issues. He wrote down at least one thing I said, and told me he would follow up. Please pray for another seed planted.” As we pray for A--, let’s also pray that we at Calvary would always be looking for opportunities to intersect with the lost.

Pastor Tomasz Chylka asks us to pray as he and his church finish their preparations for Bible Week, May 24 – June 2. Quoting Isaiah 12:2-3, Tomasz notes that the Lord’s invitation of salvation is “still open and reaches people.” Bible Week activities include evangelistic meetings at the Pszczyna church, a concert with testimonies, meetings with young people in schools, street evangelism, and a large meeting for children in the Civic Center, co-sponsored by the Pszczyna Castle Museum and the town Department for Culture. This is a huge outreach by a small church. Please support them in prayer.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea