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May 28 Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Genesis 17:1-14
A recurrent theme through several chapters of Genesis has been the one-sided nature of God’s covenant with Abram. God’s promises to Abram depended only on His own faithfulness and performance, not Abram’s. His covenant of salvation with us is likewise unilateral. We know that at a theoretical, theological level, but sometimes our modus operandi is different! This issue needs to be a recurrent theme in our prayers because we keep slipping into the desire to earn our own way. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you when your motive for living a life of obedient service is gratitude for so great a salvation and when your motive is to deserve it.
Pastor Dave noted that, although women were included in God’s covenant with His chosen people, only the men were commanded to bear the sign of the covenant in their bodies. It’s not culturally popular to say this, but God intends men to be leaders in their families. Pray for men, both inside the church and out there in the culture, to rediscover God’s call to be strong servant-leaders and to be empowered to fulfill that role.
Before the Lord, consider whether you (like Abram) are close to giving up on God because so much time has passed with no apparent action on His part. Or maybe you are beginning to think that He has given up on you because you have failed Him – you have taken things into your own hands and blown it (again, like Abram). Remind yourself in God’s presence that He is absolutely faithful and that He generally functions through a process, not a magic wand. Ask Him to show you how waiting has shaped you, how the time that has passed has not been wasted. Thank God that He knows we are dust, that we are bruised reeds, and He loves us anyway.
Calvary Family
Lord, make me overflow with thankfulness. Open my eyes to Your abundant goodness to me and fill me with an overwhelming desire to thank You. Let me not thank you only as a matter of habit or duty.
Shirley Maher requests prayer for Judy Ungeheier, a cancer survivor. Recent blood tests revealed elevated carcinoembryonic antigen levels, and Judy will undergo a CT scan this week. Pray for courage and comfort for Judy and her husband, Tom.
The Memorial Day video in the service Sunday drew a parallel between Jesus, who laid down his life to free us from sin and eternal death, and the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers who have laid down their lives to preserve our political freedoms. It made me think about what I am willing to sacrifice for the sake of others. Too often, I am not even willing to be inconvenienced to serve someone else. Lord, help me put myself aside and heed Your call to love others in deed, not just in word.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea