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May 7th Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Genesis 41:37-57
Joseph Rises to Power

Pastor Dave asked a thought-provoking question: “As Joseph sat in prison, what was he hoping for? What was he praying for?” Dave looked back to verse 14 of Chapter 40 to hypothesize that Joseph was hoping to get out of prison. Perhaps he was also hoping to go back home. Joseph could not have imagined what God would do – not only release him from prison but also raise him to a position of great power and authority in Egypt. This part of Joseph’s story is an excellent example of the truth that God is able to do “exceedingly abundantly” more than we can imagine.

Dave suggested that we can each find an example of that truth in our own lives, and he shared one from his. Here’s mine: When our oldest son was six, we hoped he could attend a school for gifted children in suburban Detroit. He had been accepted, but the school was extremely expensive. We applied for a scholarship and prayed we’d receive it, but we were turned down and our son could not attend. Over the next year, God led us to homeschooling, which turned out to be a tremendous blessing to our whole family, not just our oldest son. God said no to what we asked for, but filled the need with something far better, something we had not even imagined. What’s your story? When did God give you “exceedingly abundantly” more than you asked or could imagine? Consider sharing your story with your small group or a friend this week. Spend some time praising God for the great wisdom and love He shows when He gives to His children.

Some may say, “God hasn’t gone ‘above and beyond’ in giving to me! I pray and pray, but He hasn’t done anything.” Pray for those who are growing weary in the asking, who are tempted to give up on God. Ask the Lord to infuse them daily with the patience of Joseph, who spent 13 years as a slave and prisoner before he experienced God’s abundant answer.

Calvary Family

The National Day of Prayer was last Thursday, and I missed it. When I realized my lapse, I felt embarrassed that I, the prayer blogger, was so disconnected! However, the National Day of Prayer is really a reminder to pray for our nation and our leaders – something we should be doing more than once a year anyway. If you, like me, totally missed it last week, take some time to pray for several specific leaders or for a specific issue facing our nation. As for me, I am praying that more and more citizens of our nation will awaken to the truth that abortion is a sin against God and stand for the sanctity of human life.

Ask the Lord to raise up the servants needed for our nursery and our Discovery Kids classes between services.

Tomasz Chylka sent me a special prayer request yesterday concerning a woman named Renata. Her husband, Jacek, was a youth leader and worship leader in the Pszczyna church until he died of cancer a few years ago. Renata stopped attending church and has been struggling in her faith. Her two sons are rejecting the Lord. Tomasz met with Renata last week and prayed with her. She went to church on Sunday and also offered to help with Bible Week, an upcoming outreach event. Tomasz wrote about Renata, “Loneliness is overwhelming ... but when we give up the community of believers, it's even worse. She brought bitterness into her heart. Please pray about her.”

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea