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November 17 2020 Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Exodus 15:1-21

The first song recorded in the Bible is Moses’ song of praise after God parted the Red Sea for the escaping Israelites and closed it again to wipe out the Egyptian army. The LORD is the focus of Moses’ song, and He should be the focus of our prayers. Too often, though, my prayers focus almost entirely on me and my problems. When I do remember to include praise – when I recall that the A in the ACTS prayer mnemonic is adoration – it consists of a laundry list of words. “Lord, I praise You because You are sovereign, powerful, loving, ...” The words label, but don’t explore, God’s attributes. How can we deepen our appreciation of who God is and thereby deepen our praise? One idea is to choose an attribute of God to meditate on each week. (Don’t forget the less socially acceptable attributes like mighty warrior in Moses’ song or wrathful.) Can you articulate a definition for the attribute? What is its opposite? Think through Bible stories – Old and New Testaments – for examples of God displaying that attribute. Has He displayed it in your own life story? Reflect on the questions, Why does it matter that God has this attribute? What difference would it make if He did not? May the Lord help us enrich our prayer lives with deeper praise.

Pastor Todd pointed out the artistry of Moses’ worship song – the careful arrangement in three stanzas and the use of similes (“sank like lead”), for example. Thank God for the “creatives” in His family – the story-tellers, poets, playwrights, visual artists, actors, dancers, musicians, composers – who communicate truths about God in artistic ways. Those of us who prefer straightforward, linearly-organized exposition need help to engage all facets of our being, including our emotions and imaginations, in our worship.

Todd noted that some commentators complain that Moses’ worship song interrupts the narrative of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. Todd countered that, given the glorious deed God had just accomplished on their behalf, it was completely appropriate for the Israelites to stop and sing Moses’ song. Oh, that the narrative of our lives would be interrupted by exuberant worship of the Lord! May we – as individuals, families, small groups, a congregation – have eyes to see God at work and be moved to worship Him in response.

Calvary Family

It is a strange time with our church body divided into two groups – those who attend in-person parking lot church and those who participate at home via YouTube. Do you ever think of a person you were acquainted with at Calvary in the “olden days” and wonder how they’re doing? Are they in the other group, or have they drifted away from the church? Ask the Lord to bring to your mind someone who may be feeling disconnected from Calvary. If He impresses someone on you, consider reaching out with a card, a note, or a phone call to share a word of encouragement. Heidi in the church office can help with contact information.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea

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