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November 19 Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

Titus 1:1-9

I know enough about the book of Titus to know that Paul quotes a Cretan saying that describes the people of Crete as liars, evil beasts, and lazy gluttons (1:12). Before hearing Pastor Shannon’s sermon, though, I had not considered the parallels between 1st century Crete and 21st century America. Now, as then, taking the gospel into a dark culture requires healthy churches. Healthy churches are orderly churches, and good order includes godly leadership. Ask the Lord to preserve and increase the health of Calvary Church and to use us to reach the lost people around us.

In discussing the character traits that qualify a man to serve as an elder, Shannon noted that they describe what should be normal for whole-hearted followers of Christ. Reread verses 7-8 and, instead of asking whether they describe Calvary’s elders, ask whether they describe you. Purpose before the Lord to develop the character of an elder, even if you never fill that role.

Shannon quoted Hebrews 13:17 to point out that the job of our elders is to keep watch over our souls; they serve for our advantage. Thank the Lord for Calvary’s elders: Nick DonVito, John Gilbert, Bob Sanchez, Bob Schraeder, and Dave Tebay. Commit to pray regularly for them. Taking a cue from Shannon’s definition of a Christian leader’s mission, pray that they will know God more and more through His word so they can encourage us to follow God with our whole hearts. Finally, pray that we will trust and follow our elders’ leadership so they can serve with joy, not groaning.

Calvary Family

It was a special joy on Sunday to celebrate a joint baptism service with our Chinese congregation. Ask the Lord’s abundant blessing on the six individuals who were baptized as an act of obedience to the Lord: Rocky, Liu Yong, and two boys (Adrian and Edward) from the Chinese congregation as well as Stephen Russell from our TLC house and 10-year-old Sienna.

Former Calvary member Tom Ungeheier passed away last Friday. He was being treated for cancer and developed pneumonia last week. The Ungeheiers’ good friend, Shirley Maher, thanks you for your prayers and asks that we continue to lift up Tom’s widow, Judy.

Shawna Pina requests prayer for her divorce settlement hearing coming up on November 26. Humanly speaking, it appears that all hope of reconciliation between Shawna and her estranged husband, Richard, is gone. Shawna’s desire is that a fair settlement will be finalized next week so she can start fresh. Please pray for Shawna during a difficult time.

Pastor Dave announced on Sunday that we will break ground on our new sanctuary in early January. We are still in need of financial contributions so that our line-of-credit during construction doesn’t turn into longer-term debt. Ask the Lord what He is calling you to do. Ask Him to help all of us participate with glad and cheerful hearts.

There will be no prayer blog next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Check your inbox on December 3!

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea