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October 9th Prayer Blog

Posted by Carol Gilbert on

An Introduction to Tongues and Prophecy
Praise God that this world, groaning under the curse, and this human life, so limited and painful, are not the end of the story.  Wrongs will be made right, we will see clearly, and we will rejoice in full communion with God when Jesus Christ returns.
Pray for our church as we consider the controversial spiritual gifts of tongues and prophecy – for the ability to set aside our opinions, feelings, and negative experiences and for openness to whatever the Lord wants to teach us through His word.
Explicitly ask the Lord to speak to you today.  Use the words of the song Pastor Todd taught us yesterday:  I am Your servant and I am listening / Speak to me, Lord; speak to me.  Wait and listen expectantly, but also humbly and patiently.  We dare not demand that He pick up the phone, so to speak, by the third ring.
Pray for discernment when you have received a revelation from the Lord and want to share it with someone or when another person shares with you.
Calvary Family
The word I heard over and over at Ruth Hanning’s memorial service on Saturday was love.  As I listened to all the eulogists, I concluded that Ruth exemplified 1 Corinthians 13, undergirding all her service with love.  Perhaps you, like me, desire to follow her example.  Keep praying:  Lord, help me to show Your love to the people in my life, big and small, the lovable and the unlovable.
Ask the Lord to bring plenty of people to staff Fall FunFest and to match gifts with jobs.  Pray for the FunFest leadership team as they balance FunFest crunch time with family and other responsibilities.
Bring our friends Tomasz and Kamilla Chylka and their church in Pszczyna, Poland, before the Lord.   
Pray for people among us who fear what might happen in the future, who have trouble turning off the “what if” tape that plays in their heads.  May the Lord remind them, as often as necessary, that He knows all and that He can be trusted.
Lift up anyone in our body who is a believer but has not yet been baptized.  Pray that they will take a first step of obedience by attending the baptism class on October 29.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Community Church of Brea